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HireRising's Best Practices for Hiring People Internally

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

We have focused on the character of the person we want to hire, looking for alignment with our company values. We haven’t needed recruiting experience as an indicator of hiring success. Whether hiring for your Mom and Pop Bakery shop, or your fortune 500 healthcare company, there is no silver bullet to hiring. If there was, there wouldn’t be an entire industry to service it. Since it is one of the toughest things to do in business, over time, your philosophy and processes around hiring will likely evolve.

When you look for someone’s compatibility with your organization, relying on a standard hiring process is the best way to find consistency. Keep in mind the common 2 reasons behind an open position, company growth or turnover. It can be important to ask yourself questions about this before the interview process.

  • Is this person going into a new role?

  • Are they replacing someone?

  • How does that impact our expectation of this person?

  • What is the candidate's expectation of this role?

Whether you use a hiring partner or hire internally, the goal is for you to effectively mold your process to fit your company. Resources like the Northeastern University Hiring Study provide everything from interview Do’s and Don’t’s to the legality of onboarding an employee. When it comes to our internal hiring, we have catered our 3-step process around our Hybrid culture and the expectations we set for our environment.

  • 1st Interview - Our initial step is a phone screen between the candidate and their potential hiring manager. (This is to align on the role responsibilities, how we came to find each other, and if we feel it fits – set up the second interview).

  • 2nd Interview – This is an onsite panel interview with the hiring manager and a few members of the team. (This is an hour panel discussing their prior experience, and their ability to do the job at hand. This is the best opportunity to get to know the person and what makes them tick.) If they have the time, we often ask this person to stay for an extra hour or so in the office to meet more of the team and experience our culture.

  • 3rd interview – Interview with our CEO, Graham.

In the Information Technology world, we have found that the majority of our clients use some form of a technical assessment in the second round interview, giving them a strong sense of where the candidate’s strengths and room for training are. Everything from a whiteboarding session around development to a business analyst documentation assessment, it takes refinement as

you look at indicators for success in the role.

With remote work in the tech space booming in the last 2-3 years, the landscape of hiring has changed drastically. It takes a lot of trust for your team to find the right people over video from a different state or part of the world. The best thing you can do is find a process that works for your organization.


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