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What has been the formula for HireRising's growth?


From day one, Graham, our CEO, has led us with the perspective that our goal is to create jobs and hire good people internally. This has permeated into also hiring good people for our clients, the foundation of our business.

Balanced Lifestyle

Balance is one of our five core values. As a company, we spend Tuesday and Thursday in the office for 3-4 hour spurts where we collaborate and host training. This bridges the gap between autonomy and the ability for our employees to get to know each other beyond the computer screen. Giving them the space to have time for family, exercise, mental health, pets, etc., contribute to their day-to-day happiness and growth.

Reduced turnover

In some form or fashion, turnover is inevitable for a number of variables. There have been a number of recent studies around employee happiness that have come out since the beginning of the pandemic. We want our employees to enjoy their work, and feel like they are adding skills to their tool-belts. The best thing we can do is provide a space where people feel comfortable growing their careers.

Client Efficiencies

As an IT workforce solutions company, we provide processes and resources to help improve their hiring and technology implementation timelines. The lower our turnover and the more consistent our internal team is, the more integrated we become with our client's environment. This familiarity amongst these partnerships leads to more efficient solution timelines.

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